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  • 1. What is Study Abroad Program?

    Study Abroad Program (SAP) is an opportunity offered to foreigners in order for them to study in Japan and work part-time at the same time. Depending on your language ability, you may have to take Japanese language course before proceeding to formal education or professional work. Plus, while studying you can have an opportunity to work and earn YEN through part-time “arobaito” 28 hours a week or 112 hours a month.

  • 2. How long is the language course program?

    Depending on your Nihongo language proficiency, language courses may take a year up to 2 years. This is so because the curriculum is geared towards attaining JLPT-N2 level which is a requirement before entering to colleges or universities, or even a requirement before landing any professional work.

  • 3. Are there any other requirements before enrolling to a school in Japan for Nihongo language education?

    For foreigners to enter any Nihongo school in Japan, they are required to be either JLPT-N5 certificate holder or had at least 150 hours of Nihongo classroom lessons abroad.

  • 4. What is JLPT?

    JLPT (Japanese Language Proficiency Test) is a comprehensive language test conducted to foreigners in order to measure their proficiency in 5 levels (N1 to N5 with N5 being the lowest) targeting core language functions (Grammar, Reading, Writing and Speaking).

  • 5. I am not a JLPT-N5 certificate holder, where can I enroll that Nihongo classroom lessons?

    AHGS SAP currently doesn’t have the facility where applicants can enroll to however, you may get your 150 hours classroom lessons to any Japanese School here in Cebu at your personal expense. Below are the list of some schools you can check.

    • ETHOS Corp. (Corner of Cebu South Rd and Eucalyptus Street, Basak, San Nicolas, Cebu City - 032 4141531 / 0943 4960567)
    • Takachiho Japanese Language Services (Room 225 Raintree Mall, Gen. Maxilom Ave., Cebu City - 032 2549685)
    • Abendan Nippongo Center(Room 306, N&N Cortes Arcade Building, Maguikay, Mandaue City - 032 2390365)
  • 6. What happen after completing the language course?

    Your Nihongo language courses aims to help you get JLPT-N2 level. Being a JLPY-N2 certificate holder, you are now eligible to continue education in any regular schools or universities in Japan.

  • 7. What kindVisa shall I need?

    Your entry to Japan will be as a Student, so you will need to personally work for your VISA application at your personal expense through accredited travel agencies of the Consular Office of Japan here in Cebu. However, prior your VISA application you would need the “Certificate of Eligibility” from the Ministry of Justice in Japan.

  • 8. What is Certificate of Eligibility?

    Certificate of Eligibility is a pre-requisite document before you can apply for a Student Visa. This document will indicate your entry type/status to Japan and name of the School you are to enroll to.

  • 9. Where and how can I get this Certificate of Eligibility?

    Matsuyama Gakuen School Corporation will be the one to process and apply for you in Japan. Once the Certificate of Eligibility is release, the applicant will pay the Application Fee to Matsuyama Gakuen School Corporation and the Facilitation and Consultation Fee to AHGS Study Abroad Program (SAP).

  • 10. What travel agency I can apply my Student Visa to?

    There are three (3) accredited agencies that the Consulate Office of Japan in Cebu to process Visa Application:

    • Discovery Tour, Inc. (2nd Floor, Northgate Center, Banilad, Cebu City – 032 3401819)
    • Friendship Tours and Resorts Corporation (Unit 215-A, Building B, Oakridge Business Park, A. S. Fortuna St., Banilad, Mandaue City – 032 345-3459)
    • Attic Tours Phils., Inc. (Lobby, Waterfront Airport Hotel 1, Airport Road, Lapu-Lapu City – 032 3412299)
  • 11. What are the minimum requirements or qualifications to this AHGS SAP?

    In order for you to avail this AHGS SAP, you will need the following:

    • At least 18 years of age and above
    • Completed 12 years of continuous education (grade school to college)
    •  Application to Matsuyama Gakuen School Corporation
    • Certificate of Eligibility (Student Status)
    • JLPT-N5 Certificate or Certificate of Attendance/Completion 150 hours Basic Nihongo class
  • 12. When I get to Japan, will I get a part-time job right away?

    The Matsuyama school will assist you in getting a part-time job. You don’t have to look for one as the school will introduce you to several part-time jobs that suits you.

  • 13. How much would I earn with a part-time job?

    Depending on your Japanese language proficiency, you can earn as much as Y800/hour up to Y1100/hour of work. Students who can’t speak much Japanese can work on a factory and earn Y800/hour while those students who can speak Japanese can work on a nursing homes, hotels or even restaurants and earn up to Y1100/hour.

  • 14. Where would I stay in Japan?

    As part of your SAP is to have a place to stay. You can choose either living in a school dormitory or an apartment nearby the school.


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